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As professionals trying to imagine alternative ways of work for ourselves—whether this means being digital nomads, working as freelancers, saving more personal time, or else—our days are filled with deep thoughts and discussions on professional identities and our place in this economy.

We felt the need for a communal space to engage critically with the notion of work in the 21st century—and to connect with others who are trying to mold a more fitting career path for themselves.

<aside> 📌 This is why we want to build a community to help people navigate the messy landscape of career development and the future of work in 2022 (and beyond). We aim to provide resources, tools, and (most of all) connections for inspiration, introspection, and practice.


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We've written a few more words on what motivates us to start this community. You can find them here:

Declaration of Intents (v0.2)

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